Welcome to my blog!

It's happening now. My website with a blog goes online. I had this idea long ago but I never had the time to make it real. Is it good enough? Can you still improve something? These were the typical questions which prevented me from pushing it to a github page. But now according to the motto »fuck it, ship it«, I used jekyll, hacked some HTML/CSS/JS and made it ready for launch.


I’m René Viering, a passionate frontend developer from Kassel. I love JavaScript and web technologies in general. Moreover I like simple architectures leading to clean, testable code. During my work as a frontend developer I often come across interesting topics I want to share with you. Such as how to combine patterns like redux with classical libraries like knockout.

Next steps

The next few blog posts are about single page apps, especially how to write them without using frameworks. For those who can’t wait, I gave a tec talk @Micromata. The talk is available here.

Enjoy reading!