René Viering

Freelance JavaScript Developer
Kassel, Germany

Hi, I'm René!

A freelance JavaScript developer with a passion for frontend technologies, especially single page apps. I prefer lean, targeted libraries and lightweight architectures that results in clean, testable code. That's why I value React and its functional programming principles a lot.

Besides programming you can find me in the nature while geocaching or by doing other kinds of sport.

My article on Heise Developer

Single Page Apps - a framework agnostic approach

I had the chance to write an article for heise developer about developing single page apps without frameworks.

The article focuses on the patterns and ideas behind single page apps, which are state of the art at the moment.

Furthermore it shows how to implement basic concepts of single page apps e.g. a clientside router and the MVVM architecture by using ES2015+.

Read article on heise
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I gave a tec talk about »Single Page Apps - A Framework Agnostic Approach«

React.js presentation   


I gave a talk about »React« along with @chrkhl at the Webmontag Kassel.

FLUX presentation   


I gave a talk about »Flux« along with @chrkhl at the Webmontag Kassel.

React.js presentation   

React Native

I gave a talk about React Native at the Webmontag Kassel.